Hello there readers….

The dude on the left is the guy who owns and created this blog. His name is Hans David. He works as a journalist and does a little bit of internet marketing to supplement his income.

He lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was born in Bandung on 4th December 1981, the youngest boy of three child. Hans’ siblings are all girls – they both live in the Netherlands now. Being born in a Bataknese (a tribe in Indonesia) family as a boy and also the youngest, Hans had a lot of expectations coming from his parents since he was a child.

He was also very loved, especially by his mother and his oldest sister. The contradiction of having so much expected out of Hans and at the same time receiving too much affection apparently did not go so well when it comes to his personal development in his later years.

Hans had an up and down childhood. His parents’ marriage did not go so well but they did not go on a divorce. So, he was fortunate to have both parents looking after him as he grew up. Things really started to change when both of his parents died due to cancer in 2010. His mother died in June, while his father in December. Hans became an orphan and had to survive on his own in the crazy metropolis of Jakarta because his sisters have all moved abroad.

Life has never been too kind to Hans from the beginning. Although he received a lot of love from his mother, he had to endure watching her struggling through a rocky marriage with his gambling-addicted father. Now that both parents are gone, life got a lot more tougher on Hans, a situation that forced him to find new ways and alternatives to survive.

It was around that time Hans began to grasp the idea of making money online. Things were not smooth. Hans got scammed a lot of times by trashy products and bogus biz opps. Yet he knew there is a lot of money to be made from the internet marketing game. Hans decided that instead of buying “internet marketing guru” products, he would find someone who has been making money online and offer his services to him to learn the ropes.

As a journalist of an english newspaper living in Indonesia, Hans knew that there were a lot of Indonesian internet marketers that might need his proficiency in the english language. Thus, Hans began to build networks with Indonesian internet marketers and offered him his translation and copy editing services. Hans used his english newspaper background as a leverage and eventually he landed several clients. This was how Hans’ making money online journey began.

Hans did not only make money from his clients but he also learned the ropes of internet marketing. Some of them were kind enough to provide some basic inputs on how things should be done. Hans finally learned what he did wrong in the past and had better vision on how to use the internet to make money the right way.

The most important thing that Hans learned was the importance of having a working system that is simple yet effective and efficient to sell. From then on, Hans tried to build his own system based on what has been working for most internet marketers and tweak it a little bit in accordance to his needs.

For the last three years, Hans has been using affiliate marketing as his source of income from the internet.

While not an internet billionaire yet, Hans has experienced several successes as an affiliate, such as having his first $100 in a day profits, getting into the top five of an affiliate contest and also finally break the zeros in his Clickbank account for the first time.

Hans’ idea and vision of the Smart Online Passive Income is to make it as an honest resource about internet marketing, particularly the affiliate marketing method to prevent innocent, hard working and aspiring online entrepreneur from falling victim to scams and bogus biz opps like Hans did when he first started. With that in mind, Hans hope that you, whoever you are, find this blog beneficial and resourceful.

If you have any question about internet marketing, do not hesitate to contact Hans at:

Hans is online almost 24/7 and will reply immediately if he is not busy. Until then, enjoy the blog.