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November 19, 2019

Hello there friend,

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself. My name is Hans and I am the owner of this blog called Smart Online Passive Income. I am a journalist and I have been doing internet marketing for the last three years to earn some extra income.

Smart Online Passive Income comes from my disgusts with so many self-proclaimed "gurus" out there that put people in an endless circle of searching on how to make money online. Like most people, I have fallen a couple of times to these types of hype gurus.

However, not all gurus are shady scam artists. There are some who are legitimate and from them I learned the right way to leverage the power of the internet by building online assets and system that allows me to enjoy a little bit of extra passive income.

Here in this page, you can register and get access to a video course series that will show you exactly how you can have your first passive income stream from the internet using a legitimate business model that does not require you recruiting people and chasing your friends and families.

Basically, you will learn how to make money online by doing the things that you love. Isn't that great. So register now for your free video course. And oh, don't worry, I won't spam you with bullshit and get rich quick scams. I will only send you valuable information on how to make money from the internet the right way.

If you are still unsure, below are the list of lessons that you will learn from your free video course and if you have any question at all, do not hesitate to contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

To your success,

Hans David
Journalist & Internet Marketer

What You Will Learn:

  • Lesson #1: An Introduction To What You Will Achieve

    We’ll cover exactly how you’ll be able to launch your first online business in as little as 7 days. You will learn how to create your very first website and how to edit it in accordance to your needs.

  • Lesson #2 - A Look At Your Online Business Layout

    One of the most confusing things with starting an online business is setting up the basic layout and files. Watch this video and you’ll finally understand what file does what and where your attention should be when editing your site.

  • Lesson #3 - Sales Page Brief And What You're Selling

    In this part of the video, we’ll discuss what makes a GOOD sales page – i.e. something worth buying from the customer’s point of view, and something worth investing in as a reseller.

  • Lesson #4 - Sales Page Customization And Uploading Files

    In this segment of the video, we’ll go deeper into the sales page and help you select which sales letter variation is right for you.

  • Lesson #5 - How To Create A PayPal 'Buy Now' Button

    Now finally we can create the button that’s going to put money in out account. If you’ve never created a PayPal ‘buy now’ button before, this would be a very good time to watch!

  • Lesson #6 - Inserting Your Payment Button Into The Sales Page

    Once you’ve got your single line button code, you’re ready to add it to your sales page. Watch this part of the video to see exactly how to integrate it with the pre made ‘buy now’ button to make your sales page seamless.

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