How To Setup Your First Product For Sale Within The Next 2 Hours!

Lesson #1 - An Introduction To What You Will Achieve

We'll first introduce you to the concept of 'resell rights products' and what you can do with them.

We'll cover exactly what you'll learn in this webinar, what steps are needed to get a resell rights product up and running and what you need to edit for your mini-site to be working smoothly.

Lesson #2 - A Look At The File Layout

One of the most confusing things with resell rights products is what each file it for. There may be a 'css' folder, an 'autoresponders' folder, several index.html files and so on. Which ones do you upload and which ones are just for your use only?

Watch this video and you'll finally understand what file does what and where your attention should be when editing your site.

Lesson #3 - Sales Page Brief And What You're Selling

Whilst we talk you through the video on how to set up your resell rights product, you'll also get access to the product itself so you apply what you learn directly.

In this part of the video, we'll discuss what makes a GOOD sales page - i.e. something worth buying from the customer's point of view, and something worth investing in as a reseller.

Understand the subtle differences between an okay sales page and an excellent sales page, and you're already in a good position to start investing!

Lesson #4 - Sales Page Customization And Uploading Files

In this segment of the video, we'll go deeper into the sales page and help you select which sales letter variation is right for you.

For example, do you want to sell your product with end user rights, or do you want to sell your product with resell rights so that your customer can sell the product as well?

If you sell with resell rights, you'll have another selling point, if you sell without, you can also control who else has authority to sell the product like you. Watch this video for a more in-depth look!

Lesson #5 - How To Create A PayPal 'Buy Now' Button

Now finally we can create the button that's going to put money in out account. If you've never created a PayPal 'buy now' button before, this would be a very good time to watch!

Not only are we going to create the button, but we'll tweak it and customize for the resell rights product you'll be setting up.

You'll finally discover how to define the price, the name of the transaction, where to send customers if they cancel the transaction, even where to send them to after a successful payment.

Lesson #6 - Inserting Your Payment Button Into The Sales Page

Once you've got your single line button code, you're ready to add it to your sales page. Watch this part of the video to see exactly how to integrate it with the pre made 'buy now' button to make your sales page seamless.